Homework House’s mission and programs are firmly rooted in the social justice vision of our founders and our programs have been inspiring children, supporting families, and transforming our Holyoke community for almost 15 years. We believe that every child is has unique gifts and talents and that all children are capable of excellence. Every child deserves access to high quality academic enrichment programs regardless of a family’s ability to pay or the neighborhood in which they live.

Today, Homework House serves almost 90 youth each day at our two sites with the help of over 250 volunteer tutors. Homework House is an independent non-sectarian organization serving all children regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or gender.



Our founders, Sr. Maureen Broughan and Sr. Jane Morrissey, both retired educators and social justice advocates, were inspired to take action- motivated both by the articles and by the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph to unite neighbor with neighbor. Determined that the children in the Flats would not be among the forgotten, they started Homework House in the rectory of a local parish church.

Homework House started out small- with just 20 children and 15 volunteer tutors working with the kids two days each week. The following year, Homework House expanded to a second site in Holyoke’s Churchill neighborhood.



“What I like about Homework House is I get help. The tutors help me get better at reading and they take care of me like my family always does. Sometimes I help other kids. Homework House is my favorite place to go after school.”

5th Grader

"My experience working at Homework House has been so integral to my growth here at Smith College; it helped me realize the kind of work that I want to do post-graduation and the impact I would like to have in the future."


"I go to Kelly School and I’m in 4th grade. I’ve been going to Homework House for five years. I like going because I always learn new things like how to divide and multiply. I like when I make new friends and see my old friends, tutors, and students."

4th Grader

"My experience at Homework House affected my life in a way I could never have imagined and I have the children to thank for that. I’ve developed and maintained a meaningful friendship with Guillermo one of the children I tutored."


"The children I've worked with taught me to be more socially aware and want to fight for social equity. They showed me how to teach with care, and they taught me what kindness looks like. Homework House has helped me grow as a person."


"Homework House helps my son with reading. It also gives him a safe and secure place to go after school."