Homework House’s after school tutoring and mentoring program is designed to strengthen the quality of education for ALL children in Holyoke by providing them individualized academic and social supports in a safe and nurturing environment.

Homework House’s free, individualized tutoring and mentoring programs are open to children in grades K-6. During the school year, Homework House runs every day after school until 6PM.  Our two sites are located in the neighborhoods in which the children we serve live and go to school. Mondays-Thursdays are dedicated to homework assistance, and working on reading and math skills. On Fridays and during school vacations we offer fun, academically focused activities.


The kids who come to Homework House are working hard and improving with the help of their tutors! In our 2013-14 year, our students made great strides in reading:

69% of K-3 and 88% of 4th-6th graders met or exceeded reading growth expectations

90% of K-3 graders mastered at least one list of grade appropriate high frequency sight words

45% of K-3 and32% of 4th graders ended the year reading at or above grade level.

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