Homework House strengthens our community by promoting educational success through free, individualized tutoring and mentoring for children at-risk.



Homework House fosters a culture of success for children in a safe, nurturing environment that builds on their inherent strengths and resilience. Children who attend Homework House come to view themselves as positive role models capable of shaping their own future and that of their community and the world.



• We serve children growing up in poverty, providing our services FREE of charge in the neighborhoods in which they live.

• We believe that every child is capable of EXCELLENCE according to his or her strengths and needs.

• We respect and engage the children’s FAMILIES, recognizing the social challenges and economic barriers they face daily.
• We value EDUCATION as the uniquely potent force that lifts people out of poverty.

• We create a DIVERSE COMMUNITY of adults and children who work together to help each child realize the fullness of his or her potential.

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